Welcome to Global Frontline Nurses - Exposing the corruption from the inside!

Shortly after the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, Nurse Whistleblowers from around the Globe drew a line in the sand and started coming forward.


We have risked everything because we care and you, the people, need to know what's really going on.  We continue to battle through rampant censorship from the media, nursing colleges, employers, fellow staff and complete strangers. Our families are being threatened, all because we witnessed some serious cover-ups regarding the real truth about COVID in various Hospitals and Care Homes. 

Prior to this, others in our field tried to expose the corruption happening in other healthcare related fields which have been hindering the human race for decades.

The abuse needs to stop! Now. 


Please consider donating as many of us have lost our jobs and risk losing our licenses.

Thank you for your support. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: To our fellow Nurses and other Healthcare Workers

You are encouraged to join our movement and help fight the medical tyranny, stand up for healthcare reform and show our support to our fellow brothers and sisters who desperately need your help. 

Never forget the 5 C's - commitment, conscience, competence, compassion, and confidence.  

The global healthcare system is suffering so it's time for all of us to be the change.