In January 2020, the UK government classified the COVID-19 strain of Coronavirus as a High Consequence Infectious Disease [HCID], following a worldwide panic over an alleged pandemic which originated in Wuhan, China. 


However, they British were  following the Swedish  model of moderate lockdowns until March 16th, 2020. Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London cranked up his MAMM and it claimed that 500,000-510,000 Brits would be killed by COVID-19, they also said the 1-2.2million Americans and 440,000 Canadians would die from this virus..


This went viral as proof for a majority of the world to follow. However, just 3 days later (March 19th ) Covid-19 was reclassified by the UK government from being a serious public health risk to an easily manageable one, only two months after being declared a High Consequence Infectious Disease.! These numbers were downgraded within the next day or so to be only 25K..NOT A WORD ON ANY MEDIA… WHY? Cui bono?

Yes.. there are many problems with models.. Need more proof? 


-In 2005, Ferguson said that up to 200 million people could be killed from the bird flu. But only 282 people died worldwide between 2003 and 2009. 

-In 2009, he predicted that the swine flu would, as a “reasonable worst-case scenario,” cause 65,000 deaths. It killed 457. 

-In 2001, his team at Imperial advised that 6 million cattle, sheep, and pigs be killed, costing the British economy £10 billion ($12 billion) — a move that was criticized by fellow professionals as a “serious error.”


In relation to the coronavirus, the Stanford team under John Ioannidis says that the Imperial model is based on assumptions that could lead the predicted death-toll numbers to be “substantially inflated.” The Telegraph, in its report on Ferguson’s fall from grace, was sure to include these faulty predications as well.

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