As Nurses, Health Care Workers, MD's, ND's, PhD's, Respiratory Therapists, OSHA and even concerned citizens it is important to be able to have our voices heard. We should not have to live in fear of losing our careers, licenses, etc because it goes against the narrative. 

The World needs Health Care Reform NOW, not yesterday.

The World also needs to put an end to the madness surrounding COVID-19 as the media, governments and paid health authorities are operating without any oversight and their decisions/reports are creating significant harm to all of the people on this planet.


Please add your name to our Global Petition.

IMPORTANT! For those in the HEALTH CARE FIELD ONLY! If you are uncomfortable adding your full name, you can add your "initial" of your 1st name. Please  register  on our Nurses & other related Health care fields "members only" section.

Thank You.


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